Wealthy Executives with An Eye on Elite Leadership Are Buzzing About an Exclusive New Training Program.

Psych Ward’s Executive Molding Service is causing a stir in the business world, thanks to a bold new program that borrows its training straight out the pages of the United States’ most notorious – and distinguished – secret societies, clandestine federal agencies, and military special forces.

What do former President George W. Bush, FedEx founder Frederick W. Smith, and conservative thinker William F. Buckley all share with each other? 

More than just influential men with the power to change the world around them, they were also members of one of North America’s most notorious secret societies: Skull and Bones. 

However, not everybody can study at Yale – Skull and Bones’ home college – and fewer still will be accepted into this elite secret society. For ambitious executives who want to develop their competencies and become visionary leaders, there has been little to help them. 

Now, that has all changed with a new, exclusive training program available known as “Psych Ward” – a nod toward the rigorous psychological and physical training methods of The Unit’s leaders. 

The Elite program is secretive and highly clandestine – just like the CIA and military Special Forces. Held in a top secret special operations site, a rigorous vetting and approval system means only the most promising applicants can join Psych Ward.

What is “Skull and Bones” – And Why Does It Matter?

Its secret beginnings, clandestine operations, and powerful alumni (often known as “Bonesmen”) have made them a source of much political debate over the years; however, what is not debated so much is the supreme elite and leadership values Skull and Bones instills in its members. The Skull and Bones society was founded in 1832 as a secret student society at Yale University; today, it’s the stuff of legends which has spawned a rich alumni of world leaders and elite businessmen. 

Psych Ward’s executive molding model instills those same values in those who accept the challenge, with an added dimension of corporate psychometric principles. At the same time, it leverages methods of psychological breakdown – much like Delta Force, Green Beret, Navy SEALs, and initiation hazing rituals – to facilitate the mental and spiritual rebirth of a new, stronger person. 

In turn, today’s most ambitious executives can learn to break down their own psychology into a smarter, stronger, and more powerful one that focuses on one thing: success in leadership. 

The result? Elite leaders for tomorrow’s world. 

If Not a Bonesman – Then What? A Part of “The Unit” 

The Psych Ward’s Executive Molding Service means that executives – if accepted – can undertake rigorous training that takes from multiple disciplines. These include the CIA, rigorous exhaustive military Special Operations training (including the legendary fitness tests) and even fugitive recovery. 

To round off the training, executives also undergo batteries of psychological assessments. Unlike conventional psychology, Psych Ward focuses on the psychology of the office and workplace – and how to transform it from an internecine battlefield into a united organization with a happy and productive workforce. 

Put together, this battery of elite training forces executives to look deep into themselves and leverage their deepest (and sometimes unconscious) traits to take their leadership to a new level. 

In turn, executives who are accepted into this top secret training program mold themselves into leaders who understand, guide, and create business environments on a global scale. For the rare few who can complete this supreme test of their abilities, they get the honor of joining “The Unit” – and calling themselves a part of it. 

Now tomorrow’s elite executives don’t need to be a Bonesman to have an elite understanding of the world around them – but only if they can avoid ringing the quitting bell to complete the program and proudly call themselves a part of “The Unit”. 

Tomorrow’s Elite Leaders Now Have More Choice, Later in Life 

Psych Ward’s Executive Molding Service is clearly angled at wealthy executives aged between 25 and 45 who are prepared not just to pay for elite training in leadership – but also to accept and take on the onerous psychological and physical challenges it entails. 

Today, it’s sometimes commented that some leaders graduated from Yale – and Skull and Bones. Tomorrow, we might well say of future leaders in business and politics that they graduated from The Psych Ward. 

All that remains to be seen is who The Unit’s graduates will be – and what remarkable achievements they may go on to drive in the future. To find out more and see if you’re a potential candidate to be a member of The Unit, e-mail: info@theolivasgroup.com

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